The Stone Zone Show (vidcast)
The original show dedicated to the FUN of smoking! Big Daddy D and Dr Dubious will make your eyes red just listening!! Join them doing the Stone Zone Show, in the Cypher, or on the Marijuana Music Network show!!!

It was a super intense year for the crew at the Stone Zone Show, so we all decided to have a chill NYE.  Have a seat and a smoke with us, and find out what's happening at the start of this glorious new year!!

18 and up only!!!


Season 9 starts SOON!

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The Stone Zone Show 2010 Halloween Ghost Hunt

In the last five years the staff of the Stone Zone Show has investigated, The Queen Mary in Long Beach CA, haunted graveyards in Texas, Bachelors Grove in IL, and for 2010, the infamous "Bong Rec. State Park" in Burlington Wi.  You may know Bong Rec. from pics posted online, well the Stone Zone Show did some research on this park and found out it's spooky history.  Come along with Big D, Dr. Dubious and the Little Mizz for this crazy trip to the heartland of America.

Season 9 is coming friends.  Thanks so much for being patient!!!

18 and up only.

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The Stone Zone Show Video Smokeout -2010 Seattle Hempfes -

The brothers Funk were invited to speak at the 2010 Seattle Hempfest, and they did it the only way they know how! Check out this SUPER SMOKEY video special by the Stone Zone Show.  Come along on this amazing journey to the Pacific Northwest!

We had an amazing time, and have to thank all the people at the Hempfest for taking such good care of us!!!

If you can't view MP4 of this video, please check it out at Youtube.

Also, don't forget to pick up the EPIC CD from Krazy Eighths!

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18 and up only.  

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"Worlds Biggest Drunk" We originally put this video up at our Youtube site, but NOW, it's debut here at the Stone Zone Show.
We often question why alcohol is legal and Marijuana isn't. Sit back and laugh with your BUDS from the Show at this drunk ass fool trying to pick up another 12 pack. Good idea there bub! 

18 and up only

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You've all heard of the "Tooth Fairy".  Now meet his older brother, "The Dope Fairy".  A classic Stone Zone Show story comes to life as a stony animation.  Make sure you puff puff pass this on to all your friends and smokers!  And make sure you thank the Dope Fairy the next time he hooks you up!

18 and up only!

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"Big Brother" The Stone Zone Show Here it is friends!  As promised, a stony little video, or should we say, "Animation"!  This week, Big D and Dr. Dubious come to life as cartoons for this TRUE story only Dubs could tell!  We'll be back with Season 8 Episode 3 next week, and until then, make sure you 
PUFF PUFF PASS the Stone Zone Show on to all your buds!

18 and up only!

Don't miss our Wed. night live web chat:
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BUZZ Kill #247
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"How to make a Snow Bowl"
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The Stone Zone Show "Web Chat FAIL"
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The Stone Zone Show -The Story of Marijuanakah
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The Stone Zone Show  "The Puzzle"
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Stoner Moments #11 -That was a Bad Idea!
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The Stone Zone Show Chicago Ghost Hunt
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Stoner Moments #10 -How not to pack a bowl-
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Cracka-A-Lantern #2
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Curing the Blues!  The Lost Recipe!
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SZS Super Stony Video Outtakes
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"So you think you can Clog?" A Stone Zone Show Special
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"Cooking With Dubious" Pilot Episode
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Behind the Scenes of "Cooking with Dubious Pilot"
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Stoner Moments #1
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